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Who We Are

UniEscort LLC is a leading educational consulting company providing international students with consulting services regarding college education in United States. We aim to help our clients get into their dream schools.

The headquaters of UniEscort LLC is based in Manhattan, New York City. 9 offices located in different cities around world.

Our International Offices


New York: 222 Broadway, 19th Floor, New York, NY 10038
New Jersey: 1 Shore LN, Jersey City, NJ 07310


Shanghai: Nanzheng Building 22nd Floor, 580 West Nanjing Road, Shanghai

Wuhan: 20 Luoyu Ave, Pengcheng International Center, Unit 1605, Wuhan City
Shenzhen: No. 1 Qianwan Road, District of Nanshan District, Shenzhen City

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Why UniEscort


我们拥有最顶尖最专业的精英团队。团队成员全部都来自美国TOP 10 大学。通过自身申请名校的成功经验,我们更了解西方文化以及思维模式;更了解美国名校的录取偏好。我们坚信,只有自己是美国名校毕业的人才有资格为他人提供留学咨询服务。


我们的文书团队全部为美国人,都毕业于Columbia University以及 New York Univerity的英语文学专业。我们坚信,只有美国人书写的文书申请才是符合美国人的思维,更能符合美国名校的录取偏好。






独创的O2O申请模式,即Online to Offline。线上申请就是网申Online application form,线下申请即UniEscort安排专人拿着申请者的材料实地去admission office考察沟通。线上申请和线下申请相结合,通过套磁,内部推荐等方式,让您的申请材料在众多申请者中脱引而出。


我们会为申请者制定最好的奖学金申请方案。由Benny担任奖学金申请顾问。曾经获得比尔盖茨国家奖学金(Gate Millennium Scholar)的他是奖学金方面的申请专家,为有奖学金申请需求的同学提供最有利的帮助和指导。

Our Mentors Are From

Our Chief Advisor


MR. Clark


Graduated from Columbia University MBA. He has over 22 years working experience in financial industry such as Morgan Stanley,  BNY Mellon, Citigroup. An angel investor in Golden Seed in New York City.

Our Awesome Team


Henry Han

Co-Founder, CEO

Graduate from New York University, major in Master of Science in Risk Management. University of Miami, Bachelor of Science in Finance. Worked in HSBC Global Asset Management (UK) Limited, United Nations Headquarters in New York City.


Michael Yuan

Co-Founder, COO

Graduated from Columbia University with a master degree in Economics. He has worked for Citibank, China Development Bank prior to founding UniEscort. Michael’s passions are entrepreneurship, learning, and inspiring people to discover and pursue their dreams.


David Brown


Graduated from Princeton with a master degree in Public Affairs. David joined UniEscort at its inception and has been instrumental in building the company into what it is today.


Benny Taveras

Interview Coach & Scholarship Advisor

Graduated from University of Miami, double major in International finance & Accounting. Accepted by Harvard University with the GATES MILLENNIUM Scholarships founded by Bill Gates. He is able to speak four languages, including: English, Chinese (Mandarin), Spanish, Italian.


Janet Zhao

Marketing Director

Graduated from New York University, M.S. In integrated marketing. Janet has years of experience in marketing and human development roles with both multinational organizations and small to mid-sized businesses.


Dianne Zhong

Media Development Manager

Dianne worked as a producer at CCTV-America in Washington DC prior to joining UniEscort. She has a master degree of media management in Pratt Institute in the city of New York

6wcsy401 -女

Eliana Roman

Clerical Director

Mrs. Roman has extensive experience in the field of English literature, transcultural training and education. She is currently a scholar in English Literature at Columbia University in the city of New York. Prior to joining UNIESCORT, she worked for ESL, University of California Los Angeles.


Liz O’Daly

Human Resource Manager

Liz has coached over hundreds students and alumni on interviewing skills and job search strategy in university career service before joining UniEscort. She is a results-driven executive with expertise in accelerating individual as well as organizational capabilities in higher education.

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UniEscort LLC is a leading educational consulting company providing international students with consulting services regarding college education in United States. We aim to help our clients get into their dream schools.

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